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Monday, August 27, 2007

Role reversal

Interesting but good weekend.

Friday, I got home, had a quick bite, and then got to work on the shower grout. Took me about two hours. Then the game group came over, we had dinner, we gamed, etc. Got to bed around 2 or so, which is the earliest we’d managed in days (between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night we managed ten hours of sleep total. But they were good nights nonetheless).

Saturday and Sunday were a new experience for me. Jendaby had her freelance work to do, so I kept the kids out of her hair. I’ve watched them by myself before, of course, when she’s gone out with friends, but it’s very different when she’s in the house but upstairs and busy. I’ve subjected her to this more than once when I’ve had a nasty writing deadline to meet, so it’s only fair I give her space to work when she needs it. But it was strange for both of us. And now I think she understands better what it’s like—and how hard it is—to focus and work at home. I certainly understand better how frustrating it can be to mind the kids by yourself when your spouse is only a floor or two away but cannot be disturbed.

jendaby completed enough of her work by Sunday afternoon, fortunately, that we were able to have a lovely evening. Then she finished up, I applied sealer to the grout (just to be sure), and we went to bed, tired but happy.

I took a shower this morning—I’d been reduced to taking a bath over the weekend while the grout dried—and the ceiling beneath it was still bone-dry when I left for work. So hopefully that did the trick. I need to clean up the tiles a bit but otherwise we should be good there. Which means on to finishing out the interiors of the two basement windows, and other items on my long to-do list.

Still, a nice weekend, with a few very high points indeed.


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