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Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy busy

Hm, even though I’ve posted several times in the past two weeks it occurs to me that I haven’t put up a genuine update in a while.

So, let’s see—it’s been busy. We had a few friends over on the Fourth, and hung out, and grilled. That was nice. My youngest sister and a friend came up the first weekend of the month to hang out, visit, and go to the Live Earth concert. Also good. gmskarka, the-hemiscyran, and the eldest Skarka child (referred to by my daughter as “You!” or “the Teenager”) came up the following Wednesday and stayed until Sunday morning—it was great to see them and to catch up. My dad is coming up this Wednesday and will be around for a week. Then my cousins are coming over the last Saturday of the month to help with some home repairs. The following week we head to Chicago to visit paintersam and others. It’s a whirlwind, I tell ya.

In other news, I made two major purchases in the past two weeks, and both arrived recently. The first was a laptop—a nice little reconditioned G3 iBook. It came with OS X and an Airport card, and I installed Office as well, so now I can write and check email from anywhere in the house. I’d been meaning to get a laptop for a while so that both jendaby and I could use computers at the same time, but it became imperative when I realized how often my office would be serving as a guest room this month.

The other big purchase was a new bed. We’d bought our old set when we first moved to New York, which was almost nine years ago, so it was time to change out. The new one is MUCH higher—our son cannot climb onto it unaided and our daughter can only just manage—and does seem more comfortable, though I sleep so hard I probably wouldn’t notice if someone replaced it with a small hedgehog in the middle of the night.

Writing-wise things are good. I have now finished three out of the four projects I had due this month, which only leaves the big one left (and it’s not due until the very end of July). I also submitted ideas for something else, which would be very cool if I get it. More on that if it happens.

Work is fine. It’s work. ‘Nuff said.

What else? The kids are good, the wife is good, I’m hoping to do a few small repairs around the house the next two weeks. We’re still watching Traveler and enjoying it. Pocket Books let slip the fact that I’m writing a second WarCraft novel. I like cake.

That should do for now. :)


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