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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend rundown

First off, though it wasn’t actually the weekend—last Wednesday I got together with friends (including deltagrl and justcomeinalone) for dinner and then to go see 300—xochitl42 and several others joined us after dinner for the movie. 300 was excellent—I really enjoyed it. It’s exactly what you expect, basically: visually stunning, amazing action scenes, lots of rousing speeches. Good stuff. A few of us chatted for a little bit afterward, then deltagrl and justcomeinalone and I headed to the subway together—which involved an amusing escalator incident—and deltagrl and I (plus her spontaneous admirer) took the 7 back together. I haven’t had the chance to just go out and hang out with friends in quite a while and I really enjoyed it—thanks, jendaby, for minding the kids alone for a night so I could go!

Friday the lovely wife and I had qadgop and another friend over for a pre-St. Pat’s Day dinner: corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, Irish soda bread, and both chocolate-oatmeal cookies and Grasshopper pie for dessert, all created by the talented jendaby. Good stuff! We hung out for a while before our two guests figured they’d best head out to brave the horrible weather (it had been snowing/raining freezing rain for something like 20 hours straight at that point).

I was supposed to go to LunaCon this weekend, and wasn’t sure on Friday if I’d make it. But Saturday was clear and cold and the roads didn’t look too bad, so I braved it. I had to trek over to the car first, because the night before I’d simply left it near the mechanic’s (ten or so blocks away), and then I had to dig it out and clear it off with nothing but my gloves for shoveling and scraping tools, but once I did that and managed to get it out of its snowed-in space everything was fine. I misread a direction and wound up losing twenty-thirty minutes getting back on track, but otherwise the drive was okay.

LunaCon: I missed my first panel because of digging out and the driving error, which I felt bad about. Had lunch with dochyel and his charming wife, which was nice. Then I wound up helping run the Time Management for Writers panel, which went well, and sat in on the Editors Roundtable, which was interesting and informative. The Game Designers Roundtable was excellent, the Trek panel less so if only because I had nothing to contribute, and then I went out to dinner with jon_chance, kradical, and several other friends, where we had excellent barbeque and good conversation. Got back, hung out a little, and then drove home, where I managed to maneuver the car into a space right across the street from our house (where it will sit until the snow melts or this weekend, whichever comes first). I left home at 9:30am and got back around 11pm. It was a good day, and I plan to go again next year, though I may actually bring the family and get a hotel room next time so we can hang out at night more.

Yesterday was quieter. I shoved the walk and the sidewalk, which was a challenge—the snow was on top of solid ice so I ditched the snow shovel in favor of jendaby’s real shovel and wound up basically breaking up and then tossing aside large blocks of the stuff. Worked well but today I can’t put pressure on my left palm. This too shall pass.

After shoveling and lunch I went upstairs and finished the first draft of my third Warhammer novel. Yay! That goes off to the publisher today, and then it’s on to the next project.

Also spent time with the wife and kids, gave my daughter a bath, etc. Stayed up way too late, which I attribute to the protein drink I got last time we went to the store—it’s very tasty but it’s a cappuccino thing made with, well, coffee, and I was drinking it after dinner. Silly me.


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