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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sleep is for the weak

Look look, an update! And in less than two weeks! Gosh!

Had a long, busy, but good time this past weekend. The Nebula Awards were in town, so Friday I went over to meet a few people—ran into mckitterick and another friend there, which was cool. We didn’t have a game that night, so jendaby and I took advantage of the lull to order dinner (mmm, Japanese bento box!) and watch the first two eps of Jonathan Creek after our daughter went to bed. That was fun—it’s a good show, clever and quirky, and the fact that the female lead looks—and acts—a good deal like my aunt only made it more amusing. We got to bed around 2am.

Saturday during the day I did some work and hung out with the wife and kids. Then I headed back to the Nebs for the reception and the Awards Ceremony. James Gunn was inducted as Grandmaster—he was my mentor all through college and grad school, and a major influence on my writing and my critiquing, so of course I was there to help honor him. It was an excellent time—saw a lot of people I know, including some I haven’t seen in ages, and met several new people as well. There was a banquet between the reception and the ceremony but a few of us ducked out for dinner instead, figuring we’d have a nicer, quieter meal and then come back in. That worked nicely. The ceremony ran long, though, so by the time I got home and got to bed it was again 2am.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We got up as late as the kids would let us (which is to say, not much later than during the week), had breakfast, gave jendaby some well-deserved cards and a small token of our appreciation, I did a little more work, and we made a quick shopping trip. Then jendaby and I dressed up and, after justcomeinalone arrived to selflessly mind the kids for us, we headed into the city so we could see the talented deltagrl’s one-woman cabaret. She was excellent and we had a wonderful time, including dinner afterward with her and a few of her other friends. The three of us took the subway back together, and then jendaby and I chatted with justcomeinalone a bit before he headed off and we carried the two sleeping children up for bed. For the third time, I got to bed around 2am.

And of course it was off to work at the usual time Monday morning. Whee.

I finished the layout project and some page proofs, so now I’m down to two sets of revisions and the novel, plus a new RPG project I’m excited about and maybe a few others on the horizon. My dad’s coming up to visit in a few days, which is always fun but cuts into my writing time, and we’re fast approaching summer, with its trips and visits. I’ve got a whole list of things I want to do around the house this summer, many of which aren’t hard but just require some time to be set aside for the task.

On a completely separate note, I replaced our broken mouse and our wearing-down keyboard with a new wireless set a few weeks ago. They are awesome. Now I find it frustrating to go to work and have to deal with the cord on my mouse there—I keep wanting to snip it so the poor wee beastie can be free, free!

Yes, it’s early afternoon and I’m slightly loopy. Or it could be the weekend, finally catching up with me.


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