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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good long weekend

We had a very nice Memorial Day weekend. My dad was still in town (or rather, back from seeing my sister in D.C.) Thursday and Friday, and we had dinner and went shopping Thursday and then went out for dinner with him and my aunt Friday. I had a half-day Friday, which made things even easier—headed home in time for a late lunch and then spent the day cleaning up and so forth.

Saturday was quiet—my dad flew back to N.O. and jendaby and I spent most of the day cleaning and prepping for Sunday. I did get a little work done, and of course spent time with wife and kids—jendaby and I watched Casino Royale after our daughter was in bed. Good movie, and an excellent Bond—the plotting was a little confusing, mainly because it switched focus several times (particularly toward the end), but a lot of fun.

Sunday was Game Day! Deltagrl, qadgop, and Peter came over—we were supposed to have more but justcomeinalone and paleologa both had to cancel last-minute (for completely understandable reasons) and our friend Mook found out Friday that he couldn’t make it either. Four people is enough to run a solid game, though. Jendaby grilled (yes, she’s the family pyro, not me—are you surprised?), we had plenty of munchies and soda and beer, and we played.

I ran an adventure I named “Lockout,” a Doctor Who story using the new World of Darkness rules. I set it up to feature the Companions, and we wound up with Rose, Martha, Adam Mitchell, and Captain Jack (I had more drawn up in case other people attended). I can provide details if people are interested, but suffice to say it took place in modern-day London and involved the gateway between parallel Earths, the Tardis, Cybermen, and Slitheen.

We had a great deal of fun, and the game went very well—we started playing around 3 and ended just before midnight, with a break for dinner, so it mapped out to about eight hours. Deltagrl seemed to enjoy her first gaming experience, and we all had a good time playing the Doctor and his past and present friends.

Monday was recovery and work. We cleaned up, put things away, and I worked on novel revisions—the only problem was the heat, which kept me out of the office in early afternoon (it’s the warmest room in the house). I did get a good deal of work done later, though. And then Jendaby and I watched the latest Dr. Who ep, which was excellent.

Tuesday meant returning to work. But we’re on summer publishing hours now, which means I get here the same time as usual (for me), leave a little later Monday through Thursday, and have a half-day on Friday. I like it.

I’m still working on novel revisions, but I expect to have at least one if not both finished by the start of next week, which is good because my father-in-law and our niece arrive Monday and I don’t know how much work I’ll be able to get done while they’re here. The price I pay for having the guest bed in my office, I suppose.


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