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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quiet . . . of sorts

The past few weeks have been quiet, and they haven’t at the same time. They have been, in that there hasn’t been anything so exciting I felt I needed to post about it (and anything that came close my lovely wife already mentioned on her lj, saving me the trouble). And they haven’t, in that I’ve been in almost constant motion.

My father-in-law and niece came up for ten days. It was a good trip, if a bit stressful, and nice to see and spend time with them. Our car had some issues partway through and I only got it back yesterday but all seems well again on that front.

I also had very limited computer access during that stretch, which meant I had to get back up to speed on my writing afterward. I turned in one set of novel revisions, and did page proofs for an anthology. Had one hoped-for project fizzle out unexpectedly at the last minute, which was very disappointing. Not that I’m at loose ends—I’ve been working on an RPG project and on the next novel simultaneously.

We had a slow week or two at work, where I caught up on some things that had piled up, and then it turned crazy-busy instead. It’s dropping back down to regular-busy now, finally.

What else? Father’s Day was fine—we stayed home, in part because we didn’t have the car back yet. I did get some very nice things from my lovely wife and wonderful kids, which was sweet.

Not much else, really. Like I said, quiet of sorts. I’m running a one-shot game tomorrow night, which should be fun. We don’t have anything special planned for the rest of the month, though we’re hanging out with good friends at least once next week. My youngest sister will be up the first weekend in July, so that’s cool. I'm still waiting to see what happens with my cousins' babies, and whether I can try to make it up there. We’re planning our trip to Chicago in August, which we’re looking forward to—and by then I’ll have turned in the latest novel and be working on who knows what.


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