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Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, pisser

My cousin and his wife are expecting their first children—twin boys. Which is awesome.

They want family to come up for the bris. Which is cool. I love my cousins (and really like them, too—a nice combination) but rarely get to see them.

They are currently in Vancouver, which is gorgeous but problematic for travel. I did find an airline with decent fares from here to there, though. Of course, you now need a passport to go to Canada—jendaby and I have them, but the kids don’t.

The bris will be eight days after the boys are born, barring complications, which means the date is still in flux until they are actually born—even more problematic.

It looks like the bris will be July 3—which is a weekday.

My boss has that day (actually, the first half of the week, since July 4 is a Wednesday) off—and only one of the three of us (her, my co-worker, and myself) is allowed to take off at any given time.

Which means, unless the bris gets moved up a few days (to the weekend) or back a few days (end of that week), I can’t go. And even if that does happen, it’ll mean last-minute flights and other arrangements, and probably just me going instead of the whole family.

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