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Monday, August 20, 2007

Catching up

Sorry I've been quiet for a bit. We were in Chicago for a week, visiting my friend paintersam, which was fun. We were gone from the 2nd through the 9th, and I've been meaning to post details about the trip. But:

1. Our phone went out the weekend we were back. Also, our cable and Internet. It had been working fine when we got home and then suddenly one morning, nothing. Jendaby talked to TimeWarner and they recommended we try removing the router, which we did. And bing! Cable and Internet were working again. But no phone. Which meant our phone router was shot. AT&T does not have any place online where you can order a new router, so it took a while for me to get through (I had to wait until I was at work because waiting 10-15 minutes on a cell phone? No thanks.) to a real person, explain that yes, I had tried everything, and that yes, I really did need a new router. She sent it Monday, it arrived Tuesday, I had it installed that night (more calls to them so they could activate it, of course), and we were back in business.

2. We discovered a leak over the stairs to the second floor—right under the shower. Not good. It was a slow leak, fortunately—a patch of ceiling where the paint had bubbled up and watermarked and it was noticeably damp, but no actual dripping. Jendaby called the plumber, who came out and informed us that it was either a) the lead pan beneath the shower, which is several thousand dollars to replace (and would then require someone to rebuild the ceiling) or b) the shower grout, which I can fix myself. Fortunately they did a test and ruled out option a), so I just need a weekend where I can fix the grout (it takes 48-72 hours to dry and I am not up to taking a bath in the morning before work).

3. Colds. The kids came down with a cold, and then jendaby and I both caught it as well. It hit her pretty hard—I got a mild dose—but still it was a week of sniffling and stuffed-up noses, cranky kids, and little sleep.

4. I went back to work. Judging from the piles waiting for me on the work table, I’d say they missed me. I actually wound up putting in overtime last week, which I never do but it was necessary.

So yeah, we’ve been a bit busy.

On the plus side:

1. Our cousins came back out the weekend we were back, and the two basement windows are now nice and tight. I need to finish the interiors on both, which will require some wood, some caulk, some spackle, and then some paint, but that’s just aesthetic—they’re both airtight and watertight now, and both look good on the outside.

2. The ENnie Awards were this weekend—and Lure of the Liche Lord won! Whee! I need to find out if I get a plaque or a certificate or anything for it. That would be cool.

3. I’ve been talking to an editor and a friend (two separate people) about a possible joint project. It would be a lot of fun if it worked out, but as usual I’m not saying anything until it’s a done deal.

4. Our son is taking more naps in his crib, and one night he actually slept through the night! Whee! Of course he’s refused to do so since then, out of protest, but it’s a start.

5. jendaby got a job! WooT! You can check her LJ for details.

6. I’ve been replacing all the lightbulbs in the house with natural light mini-fluorescents. They’re awesome! They really do look like natural light, they use a fraction the energy of an incandescent, and they last for years! It’s very weird now to be in one of the rooms that can’t use them (both my office and my daughter’s room, plus the living room, need different-size bulbs) because you can definitely see a difference in the quality of light.

7. Hanging out with our local friends again. Yay!

But I will write up the trip, I promise. :)


  • At 8/25/2007 7:07 AM, Blogger Blockade Boy said…

    That is so cool about the award, pal! Screw plaques, you deserve to get a gold-plated samurai sword or maybe a vintage jukebox loaded with fantasy film soundtracks, suitable for gaming sessions.

    (Also, congrats to Jen on her new job!)


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