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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Home again, home again

We got back late last night, and yes, I’m back at work today.

The trip was very good. My lovely wife has put up a fairly detailed rundown on her LJ, so you can check it there if you’d like.

The short version:
The weddings were both excellent and very different, and we were delighted to attend both. We got to see lots of friends, which was great. I had very good steak and very good barbeque, which makes me happy. The kids had fun running around, and got to hang out with several other kids. I wandered up on campus and stopped by the English Department, where I got to catch up with my old mentor, James Gunn. I did see several other professors I recognized, and resisted the urge to kick them in the shins. The wife and I got a little time to ourselves for our anniversary, which was nice but got cut short because our son was having mommy-separation issues and screaming the whole time. Oh well. The car handled well, the hotel room was huge, and the flights were fine despite a minor delay on the return.

And that’s about it. :)

Now I have to get back to the writing. I’ve got one project due the end of this month, another I said I’d have in by the end of the month or start of next month, one due mid-November, and one due mid-December. Whee!


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