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Monday, October 09, 2006

Toddlers with wrapping paper

This weekend was good.

My darling daughter turned three on Friday. We had the usual gang over that evening, plus my dad (“Grampa!”). The lovely wife made pizza, (one of the toddler’s favorites) and cupcakes. Then there were the presents. My daughter was very excited and enjoyed herself immensely. Of course, Sunday morning she asked me for more presents and then, when I told her those had been for her birthday, wanted to know when her next birthday was. She was not pleased to discover she had to wait an entire year for it to roll around again.

Saturday we went to the Bronx Zoo. Wow. The place is huge—we spent five hours there and still didn’t see all of it. tashaar joined us for a bit, along with her husband and their son, who is our daughter’s playmate. Then our cousins showed up with their two kids, fortunately before tashaar left so my daughter had companions her own age the whole time. We went all over and had a lot of fun. Her favorite thing was the Bug Carousel but I think the tigers were a close second. And the kids did very well, with only minor meltdowns toward the end—and it was five p.m. by then, after a full day of activity and no nap. She went to sleep easily that night. He was okay for a bit but woke up in the a.m. and forced the wife to stay up with him for several hours.

Sunday was quiet during the day, just catching up a bit—on sleep among other things. I got another chapter done on the novel—almost finished now. Last night we went out to dinner with my dad, my aunt and uncle, and some cousins (not the same ones who came to the zoo, these are my dad’s age). That was chaotic but fun—the waiter had a sense of humor, fortunately, otherwise we would have driven him bonkers. Our son had some issues, allergies and teething as usual, but was happy and burbling for part of it. Our daughter had a good time. And was even more excited when she found out Grampa was staying the night with us—she loves it when people stay over.

Not much else going on this week. I’ll have the novel done in the next two days, which is good because I’ve got another project in the works already that I want to finish before our trip next week. My dad’s here a few more days, which is cool. My birthday is Friday but I haven’t had time to really think of anything to do and it doesn’t like there are any movies out I really want to see right now. No biggie—I’ll see the usual gang of friends that night, which is always a pleasure, and the wife has promised me Grasshopper Pie, one of my favorites which I haven’t had for years and years.


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