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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Strange disconnect

I had lunch with some friends today.

Nothing strange about that. It’s Wednesday. I have lunch with friends—the same group of friends, in fact—every Wednesday. We have for years. Always the same time, always the same place.

Except this week.

This week our usual hangout—a diner that, admittedly, has only so-so food, though their desserts are excellent—was closed for renovations. I got there to find two of the others standing outside. We waited about fifteen minutes, collecting four more people, before leaving a note on the door and heading over to a dumpling house a block away.

The food was considerably better. And comparably priced. The seating was a little trickier—we wound up split into two groups—and the place was too loud for easy conversation, but it was still fun.

And it was a pleasant reminder that I have lunch with these people not just out of habit or some vague notion toward networking but because I genuinely like them.


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