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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back to Kansas!

No no, only for a visit. :)

We're flying in tomorrow (Thursday the 19th) in early afternoon, renting a car, and driving on up to Lawrence. I expect we'll be there and checked in by 3-3:30.

Our fourth wedding anniversary is Friday. One of our friends' daughters had kindly agreed to babysit that night so jendaby and I can go out by ourselves for a change.

We have two weddings--yes, two!--to go to on Saturday. Busy busy day.

Other than that, we're at loose ends. So if you're in Lawrence or KC (or want to drive down), give us a holler. jendaby will have her cell phone, for those that know the number. If you don't know it, email one of us with your contact info and we'll send ours back. We'd love to see the rest of our KS friends while we're there, and we've got plenty of time and a car. I'm expecting to spend at least one evening at Munchers, and we're up for lunch, dinner, and anything in between any day except Friday (all good until dinner) and Saturday (booked solid).

I'm also not bringing any work with me. Which will make a nice change, and a real vacation.


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