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Friday, October 13, 2006

Ego-boost or shopping list? You decide!

A company recently asked me for my publications list, with links where possible. It took me an hour or two to assemble that, but I'm sure it'll prove useful in future. If nothing else, when I finally get my professional site up and running I can just paste the thing in.

In the meantime, I'm putting it here. :)

I was pleased I managed to find links for almost everything. So if you've been missing any of my books, now’s your chance to fill in the gaps.

I did wind up excising a few items that are not available online, mainly older, smaller-circulation things. But if you notice anything else missing please let me know.

Hour of the Daemon. Black Library. December 2007 (projected)

untitled StarCraft novel. Pocket Books. December 2007 (projected)

untitled WarCraft novel. Pocket Books. May 2007 (projected)

"Night of the Daemon." Black Library. January 2007 (projected)

"Queen of Blades." Pocket Books, 2006.

"Day of the Daemon." Black Library, 2006.

"Tales of the Last War." Anthology. Wizard of the Coast, 2006.

"Exalted: The Carnelian Flame." White Wolf Publishing, 2005.

"Star Trek S.C.E.: Creative Couplings, Book II." Pocket Books, 2005

"Star Trek S.C.E.: Creative Couplings, Book I." Pocket Books, 2004

"Star Trek S.C.E.: Collective Hindsight, Book II." Pocket Books, 2003

"Star Trek S.C.E.: Collective Hindsight, Book I." Pocket Books, 2003. Winner, 2003 Psi Phi Award, eBook Hall of Fame

"Some Assembly Required (Star Trek: SCE, Omnibus Book 3)." Pocket Books, 2003.

"Imaginings: An Anthology of Long Short Fiction." Pocket Books, 2003.

"Legends of the Pendragon." Anthology. Green Knight Publishing, 2002.

"Bubbles in the Middle." The Powerpuff girls plus you club. Scholastic, 2002.

"Star Trek S.C.E.: the Riddled Post." Pocket Books, 2001.

"Grace and Guidance, The Storem Dragon Covenant Book." Eden Studios, TBA.

"WarCraft Alliance Players Guide." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2006.

"WarCraft: Lands of Mystery." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2006.

"Thieves' World: Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary." Green Ronin, 2005.

"The Deryni Adventure Game." Grey Ghost Press, 2005.

"Lord of the Rings: Helm's Deep." Decipher, 2005.

"Blue Rose Companion." Green Ronin, 2005.

"Races of Destiny." Wizards of the Coast, 2004.

"Isengard Sourcebook." Decipher, 2004.

"Fields of Battle: The Guide to Barbarians & Warriors." Decipher, 2004.

"Relics and Rituals: Olympus." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2004.

"Realms of Norrath: Dagnor's Cauldon." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2004.

"World's Largest Dungeon." Alderac Entertainment Group, 2004.

"Realms of Norrath: Forests of Faydark." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2004.

"Mythic Vistas: Trojan War." Green Ronin, 2004.

"Relics and Rituals: Excalibur." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2004.

"Advanced Players Guide." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2004.

"Vampire Players' Guide." White Wolf, 2003.

"Star Trek Role Playing Game: Creatures." Decipher, 2003.

"Fell Beasts and Wondrous Magic." Decipher, 2003.

"Asylum: Eastern Seaboard." Clockworks, 2003.

"Dark Inheritance." Mythic Dreams, 2003.

"Realms of Norrath: Everfrost Peaks." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2003.

"EverQuest Role-Playing Game: Game Master’s Guide." Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2003.

"Creatures of the Wyld." White Wolf, 2003.

"Shields of Justice: A Hero's Almanac." Guardians of Order, 2002.

"Silver Age Sentinels Roll Call Volume 1." Guardians of Order, 2002.

"Horrors of the Wasted West." Pinnacle Entertainment Group, 2002.

"The Great Weird North." Pinnacle Entertainment Group, 2002.

"Call of Cthulhu Gamemasters Pack." Chaosium, 2002.

"Gamemastering Secrets." Grey Ghost Press, 2002. Winner, 2003 Origins Award for Best Game Aid or Accessory

"Dead From Above." Pinnacle Entertainment Group, 2002.

"DC Universe JSA Sourcebook." West End Games, 2001.

"Chosen." Clockworks, 2001.

"Sins of the Blood." White Wolf, 2001

"Jack Vance's The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game." Pelgrane Press, 2001.

"Gotham City Sourcebook." West End Games, 2000.

"JLA Sourcebook." West End Games, 2000.

"Spookshow: Outside Standard Channels." Clockworks, 2000.

"Nights of Prophecy." White Wolf, 2000.

"Asylum: The Staff Manual." Clockworks, 1999.

"The Price of Freedom: The United Federation of Planets." Last Unicorn, 1999.

"Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure." White Wolf, 1999.

"Spookshow." Clockworks, 1998.

"Asylum." Clockworks, 1997.

"Hong Kong Action Theatre! Film Festival #1." Event Horizons Publications, 1997.

"Hong Kong Action Theatre: Cinematic Action Role Playing Game." Event Horizons Publications, 1996.

Age of Empire. Epitaph Studios, 1996.

"The Strange Files of Dr. Sorcis," Mind Ventures Games, 1996.

"Periphery: Science Fiction Roleplaying on the Edge." Epitaph Studios, 1994.

"Thomas Hobbes: An English Philosopher in the Age of Reason." Rosen Publishing, 2005.

"Madeleine L'Engle." Rosen Publishing, 2005.

"Colleen Doran." Rosen Publishing, 2005.

"Dave Mirra: BMX Superstar." Rosen Publishing, 2004.

"Taig Khris: In-Line Skating Superstar." Rosen Publishing, 2004.

"Gamal Abdel Nasser." Rosen Publishing, 2004.

"Cryptologists: Life Making and Breaking Codes." Rosen Publishing, 2003.

"The Yom Kippur War." Rosen Publishing, 2003.

"Kick Scooters: Techniques and Tricks." Rosen Publishing, 2004.

"Mountain Biking: Techniques and Tricks." Rosen Publishing, 2002.

"Advanced Skateboarding: From Kick Turns to Catching Air." Rosen Publishing, 2002.

"A Beginner's Guide to Very Cool Skateboarding Tricks." Rosen Publishing, 2002.

"The Bermuda Triangle." Rosen Publishing, 2002.


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