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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Low-key Me

I know, I know.
It’s been a while. I don’t even have the same excuse as last time. Quite the opposite, actually.

I got all three of my major tasks—taxes, RPG supplement, and first half of novel—done and turned in on time by the start of last week. So what have I been doing since then?

Not a lot.

I deliberately took last week off to rest my hands and my brain. I often do that after writing a lot in a short period, and while this was not the most intensive it was demanding enough to require some recharge time.

This week? I don’t know, I’ve just wound up doing other minor things. I fixed the lock on our display case at home, repaired our vacuum cleaner, hung a picture (I think that was last week), sorted through all of my clothes and boxed up a ton to give away, paid bills, sorted some old files and papers, and cleaned a few boxes out of the family room. We’ve been waging war on the ants, though it’s an up-and-down battle. And of course I’ve been spending time with my wife and kids.

So it’s not that I’ve been completely idle, I just haven’t been doing much of note.

The kids are doing fine. Our son is still teething—trying to get all his teeth in at once, actually—but the allergies are down so he’s doing a lot better. Our daughter is good and still as cute as ever—lately she’s wanted me to carry her around again and I’ve told her she’s lazy, so now she’ll hold out her arms, ask me to carry her, then give me a big grin and say “I’m lazy, Daddy.” Super-cute.

The lovely wife is good. She hasn’t gotten as much gardening done yet as she’d hoped, thanks to weather and children, but she is making significant progress and really enjoying it. And we’re doing well. We watched the first two episodes of the new season of Dr. Who and like David Tennant okay, though he’s no Christopher Eccleston.

Work has been fine. Nowhere near as crazed as it was a few weeks ago. We're still busy, but it's back down to manageable levels. And I've been hanging out with some of the designers more, which is fun.

I am working on the rest of the Warhammer novel, and talking to a few people about a few other projects. More on those once they’re definite. Oh, and I got copies of Day of the Daemon the other day, which looks great. I’m still running my Serenity game, which is fun, though I’m way behind on recaps. I can put them up here if people want to see them.

Not a whole lot else, really. But right now that’s not a bad thing.


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