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Friday, March 10, 2006

Still breathing

I know I haven’t posted in over a week. Sorry about that. Nothing earth-shattering going on, but I have been pretty busy:
Wassail went so well that I’m starting a Serenity game tonight. Should be fun and I have several things in the works for the players, but of course I’ve been doing prep for the past ten days.
I’m starting my next novel—this is the second in the Warhammer trilogy.
I’m also working on an RPG supplement that ties into that novel. Which is fun, and a little weird, having to think of things simultaneously as fiction and roleplaying material.
The children have been keeping us busy, esp. since our son is already teething—at two months! Ugh. We’re hoping that means he’ll be done with it early as well.
I’m hoping to finally put up the child gate this weekend, and then convert my daughter’s crib to a daybed. That’ll give her more freedom while keeping her safer.
We’ve been watching movies at night thanks to NetFlix. The last two were Sky High and Corpse Bride, both of which were fun. This weekend is The Fog (the remake—yes, I know it’ll be cheesy) and The Swimming Pool.
I’m working on proposals for a few other things I can’t talk about yet.
And that’s about it for now. :)


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