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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Anyone up for a little Chat?

Okay, I have to geeble a bit.
The people at Blizzplanet have asked me to do a Q&A about Queen of Blades. The info is here.
They’ve also posted a page about me, including a headshot, bio, and bibliography. The chat is next Saturday, February 18, at 4pm, so feel free to stop by.
I’m excited. It’s very cool to be asked to do something like this, and Tom Hern at Blizzplanet tells me the response so far has been tremendous, and the chat’s going to be mirrored and distributed all over the place. It doesn’t hurt that Blizzard’s actually announced the Q&A on their site as well.
I’m usually pretty self-effacing about my work, so it’s extremely cool to hear and see that so many people are looking forward to something I’ve written, and to talking to me about it.


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