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Monday, December 26, 2005

Family Update

Hi, all! Sorry I’ve been quiet--lots to do. I really appreciate all the congrats from everyone on- and off-blog, and so does my lovely wife--I’ve been telling her about them, and of course she’ll get to read them all herself when she comes home. So here’s a quick update:
Mom and baby are still doing quite well. My daughter and I spent the afternoon with them yesterday and we’re going again this morning (once my daughter wakes up and is dressed and had breakfast). Arthur is already nursing and has taken to it right away. He’s nice and healthy, other than a little congestion (he swallowed some blood on his way out but is doing fine now). His eyes are definitely blue, though of course that may change, and though not white-blond like his mommy was a a baby he does have fair coloring, lighter than mine or his sister’s ever was. He got snipped yesterday--we decided to let our doctor do it, rather than a moyl (in part because we don’t know any, and wanted it to be someone we already knew and trusted)--and is a little uncomfortable but healing nicely. He’s already approved to be released.
[info]jendaby is also doing well. She’s recovering more quickly than she did the last time around, and they removed all the tubes yesterday and let her walk around a little. Her doctor told her she could probably leave this evening but they’d prefer to keep her one more night, so Mommy and baby will both be home Tuesday. Our good friend Ann has offered to give us a ride, which we appreciate, and we’re hoping to be home in time for lunch. Oh yes, [info]jendaby was allowed to go from a liquid diet back to real food last night--she was thrilled.
Last night, after we got home, I lit the Hannukah candles for my daughter, and after prayers and songs I gave her one of her presents. I’ll do the same tonight but we’ll hold most of them until Tuesday night when we’ll all be home. She was very interested in her baby brother yesterday at the hospital, and actually wanted to hold him--we can’t do that yet, but it was sweet. At one point he was fussing and she started singing to him--"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," which is her favorite song these days--and he quieted down almost immediately. I pointed out to her that he’s been listening to her sing to him for months now, and that’s why it calmed him. She was happy about that. So I think she’s going to be a good big sister--I’m sure there’ll be a little jealousy but that’s unavoidable.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (for those who observe such things) and is having a Happy Hannukah (for those who follow that path). For everyone else, I hope you’re having a great winter holiday of your choice. I have taken some pictures of Arthur already, and I’ll put them up as soon as I can get them off my camera (forgot the cable at work). I’ll also post more updates when we have them.


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