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Friday, December 16, 2005

A slight delay

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. It’s been crazy. Here’s why:

Work has been nuts. Everyone’s trying to get everything in before the holidays and I’ve been scrambling to keep up. It didn’t help that we got a temp this week—no, you read that right. It didn’t help because this particular temp, while a nice lady, was glacially slow. She spent three days on a project I could have done in a single morning, and still didn’t finish it. We got a new temp today who seems much better but things were slowed down because, in addition to the first temp’s not getting through that one project, I lost time checking up on her here and there.

Freelancing is nuts. I just handed in a 32k—yes, you’re still reading along just fine, it was thirty-two thousand words—chapter on a project. Whew.

Still no baby. But we have all the anxiety and all the running around getting ready. He should arrive some time in the next week.

My lovely wife had most of her restrictions lifted this week. She’s allowed to run around if she wants. Of course, being nine months pregnant, she’s really not up to much running. So I’ve been doing my best to keep her happy and comfortable, and doing whatever chores I can whenever I'm home, which means a bit more running for me.

And of course there’s the toddler. My wonderful, lovely little girl, who wants to run around and play and hang out. As much as possible.

So nothing’s wrong. We’re all fine, all healthy, all generally happy. I’ve just been monstrously busy is all. Hence my lack of updates.

Oh wait, except for this one. :)


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