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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The rare reply

The wife and I were talking about LJs and replies/posts the other day.
And today, when so many of my friends are posting that “reply with a fake memory of us together” thing, seems a good day to say something about it.
So here’s the thing: in person I don’t usually say anything unless I have something to say. And no, that isn’t an automatic for most people. I’m sure we all know people who can happily and easily talk and yet say nothing. I’m not like that. I can make small talk, sure, but I don’t usually comment unless I have something to add. Otherwise I just sit and listen, maybe nod or shake my head. That sort of thing.
I’m much the same way on LJ. Which isn’t much of a surprise, I suppose, since I actually write the same way I talk (again, not an assumption for many people).
Which is why I don’t usually reply to these “post a reply” posts.
What my wife and I were saying was that we know our friends read our LJs but people often don’t comment. I pointed out that I’m like that myself—I read all my friends’ LJs every day to keep up but I don’t reply much. Every so often I’ll post a “hey, that’s great!” sort of post, adding to general congrats on something, but more often than not I’ll stay quiet unless I have something specific to relate—an answer to a question, a related story, etc.
So if you’ve put up one of the above-mentioned posts and I haven’t replied, that’s why. Nothing against you, I just don’t participate in those things much. Same reason I rarely put up memes. I’ve nothing against them, and I like reading my friends’ answers to such things, but I don’t feel much urge to do them myself.


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