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Monday, October 10, 2005

Family Fun

This weekend was good but busy.
My dad came up last Wednesday and came over Thursday so we could unload the twenty-five boxes of books and what-not he’d brought for me from North Carolina. My room there is now essentially empty, and I have all my belongings in one place for the first time since about 1992. Whee! Didn’t take us long with the boxes, either, thanks to Mook and Peter who came out to help. We even managed to take a few boxes out of hte family room and bring down the filing cabinets that had been in the dining room. Afterward we went out for dinner, where my daughter demonstrated her manual dexterity by repeatedly using her spoon to steal bits of my dessert.
Friday night we spent cleaning and prepping for the party. My youngest sister arrived late that night and we were all up pretty late.
Saturday was the big day, my daughter’s second birthday party. Despite the crappy weather (constant rain—and I do mean constant—all day and still warm and sticky) we had a great time. Lots of people came, including my middle sister who flew in that morning. Much food, many presents, and a great deal of good conversation. Thanks to everyone who attended for braving the rain and helping to make the event a success.
My daughter had a great time once she adjusted to having so many people there, and was all smiles throughout the day. My wife was happy, too, especially when she saw people exclaiming over the salad she’d made and devouring the cake she’d created as if it were the only food they’d had in months. Yes, it was that good.
The funniest bit, however, was everyone searching for the phone for a good fifteen minutes, using the Pager feature on the base to call the handset, and me eventually realizing it was in my jeans pocket. No wonder I could hear the page clearly wherever I went!
It was around seven when the last guests left and my dad, my sisters, my wife, my daughter and I just collapsed on the couches. We went to bed around10:30, we were all so tired—my daughter was in bed at around 9:30 and sacked out almost immediately despite her aunts being there.
Sunday we got up moderately late, around 10, which was good. My dad came back out and picked us all up and we drove into the city and down to Chinatown. Located the spot where my youngest sister would catch her bus back to D.C., then went and got lunch—we found a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place and had excellent food. Walked over to the bus, put my sister on it, found a bakery across the street and ran back over to surprise her with bubble-tea for the trip, then headed back to the house. Hung out for an hour or two, nibbling Chinese pastries and leftovers from the party, before taking my middle sister to the airport to catch her flight. Then went back home, just my wife, my daughter, my dad and I, to hang out a bit more. Didn’t do much that night, really—a little nibbling, a little cleaning up, a little watching baseball. Got to bed around my usual time so that I could get up and go to work today.
It was all very nice, and good to see everyone on Saturday and my sisters over the weekend. Our daughter is thrilled with her presents, though she was even more excited to see and spend time with her aunts and very sad when they had to say good-bye. My dad’s still here tonight, at least, so it won’t be until tomorrow that she really gets depressed. But at least she’ll have all these new toys to distract her.


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