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Monday, August 29, 2005

Back again

We are now officially back from our trip—we actually got in last night but now we're recovered enough to be functional again. I was going to post a full journal of our perambulations. but my lovely wife has already done so on her LJ—beat me to the punch again—and done an excellent job, so I'll just post the link here
We had a great time, got some good food, and got to see both family and good friends. I did get a mild cold, but nothing severe and it didn't slow me down noticeably. It was an excellent vacation—and I count it as a real one, since I barely checked email, did no writing, and did not have to sell anything. :) My only regret is that now we have to wait until the people we saw can come visit us, or until we can take another trip to see them again.


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