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Sunday, August 14, 2005

More trip details

Okay, so we're finalizing some of our trip details, which is good since we're leaving this coming Friday:
We will be in Lawrence Wednesday morning through Thursday evening, including a night at the brand-spanking-new Holiday Inn Express (3411 SW Iowa).
We are having dinner at Mad Greek Wednesday night. All are welcome.
No specific plans beyond that--we're keeping it flexible. Several of you said you're available during the day, which is great. We'll have a car, of course, so hopping about will be easy enough, and I'm sure we'll stroll down Mass. at some point. I might pop up to campus as well--we'll see on that one, but if I do I'll visit Wescoe (need to thumb my nose at Doty and Sullivan and say hi to Chris and to Gunn). I'll have my cell phone with me and on so people can find out where we are at any given time--if you don't have the number email me. If you already know when you'll be available email me or reply below.
We'll be in KC Saturday but not doing anything specific--people are welcome to come out and see us. We'll be at my in-laws', same place we were last visit.
See everyone soon!


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