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Friday, July 15, 2005

If only I could use this power for good . . .

A few weeks back I posted about some automatic writing I did one night. Funny stuff, right?
Well last night I was working on the latest project (which is going well and will be done on time) and was drooping a bit. Finally I gave up and went to bed—okay, I gave up and lay down on the couch in my office to rest for a bit before going back to work, then woke up and discovered it was 1:45 and realized I should just give up.
This morning I took a look at where I’d left off, and discovered a paragraph I don’t remember writing last night. More automatic writing.
Only this time it made perfect sense!
Scary. Man, if I could learn to write coherently and on-topic in my sleep, imagine how much work I could do while resting!
Nothing much else going on this week. I mailed off all my contracts, got a reference book I’d been waiting on for something else, dealt with some financial matters, went to work, did some writing, played with my daughter, spent time with my wife, and so on. We’ve got a quiet weekend ahead, which is nice, and then my dad will be visiting us next weekend. Plus we’re still trying to iron out details for our Midwest trip next month.
Oh, and apparently my Exalted novel should be out in November, according to White Wolf’s site. I also found out that an RPG supplement I worked on years ago is finally coming out, which is very cool indeed.


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