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Friday, July 08, 2005

Progress of a Sort

Got the project that’s due this week just about finished. I hate math, particularly game stats—they take forever and that seriously slows down my workflow. Ah well.
Next up, finishing the project for next week. Should have it on time as well. Yay me!
I have five contracts I need to send in. Feh. Why is it that the one part of freelancing I’m really bad at is sending in contracts so I get paid? I need a manager.
In other news, not much. I saw Fantastic Four last night at a pre-release screening. Ugh. Not horrible—certainly reams better than Daredevil—but not good, either. They must have seen the Hulk movie and said “This is what happens when you deviate from the comics too much,” so they didn’t deviate at all. At all. It’s like watching a Fantastic Four comic on the screen—one of the older ones, with the really stiff dialogue and the really thin plot. The acting was uniformly bad, which I blame on the director more than the actors. The effects were good and a few lines were funny but it was weak overall.
That’s been about it this week. Busy busy. Behind on sleep as usual. Hopefully I can catch up a bit this weekend.


  • At 7/14/2005 8:45 PM, Anonymous Jason said…

    that's what they get for not letting us meet em... maybe it would have changed our views. HAHAHAHAHA.


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