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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Window dressing—no peeking!

Been getting some things done around the house this week, which is nice. Our friend Paul came over on Tuesday and replaced the outlets in our bedroom and in the office, which was particularly good because it allowed me to finally install and plug in the air-conditioners in those two rooms. Ah, blessed air-conditioning! Peaches, we owe you.
I also found these great shades at Home Depot (where you go in looking for one thing and walk out with seven), and we now have them up in the dining room and in our bedroom. Which means no more vertical blinds! Yay! Those things were hideous, esp. since they had been some sort of salmon color originally (we’re guessing) but with age and caked-in grease and grime had turned a weird pinkish gray—I call it Zombie Flesh. And they were sticky to the touch. Ugh. But now they’re gone, and we’re happy.
We also put up a stained-glass window in the bathroom. Sort of. It’s called window film, and it’s a translucent sheet that adheres to glass and looks like stained glass. Very cool, reasonably easy, and the bathroom looks a lot nicer now.
Still a lot to do, of course, but it’s cool to check those off the list.


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