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Monday, August 01, 2005

Well sure it was FUN . . .

This weekend was busy socially.
Friday we had our Amber game, as usual—good friends, some good food (we tried a new Japanese place and were pleasantly impressed), a few game surprises, a few new details, and rolling closer to a plot resolution. Good stuff.
Saturday our daughter’s playmate came over with both his parents—usually it’s just the two kids and the two moms, so it was fun for all six of us to hang out. We grilled some hamburgers, ate, and just chatted and watched the kids chase each other around and play together. Nice.
Sunday we went out for lunch with some of our friends—a couple we haven’t seen in ages and another friend who lives in the area. Good pizza, followed by ice cream and hanging out for a while.
My wife and I also watched House of Flying Daggers Saturday night, which was great—beautiful stuff—and I finished Sideways last night—fun movie, quirky, good lines. And we caught up on our sleep a little, at least on Saturday.
I’m still working on finishing Harry Potter 5, which the wife already finished, so that we can bum 6 off someone.
I got very little done work-wise all weekend. But I think I needed the break. Of course, come next weekend I’ll probably be kicking myself for said break, but so it goes.


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