Ramblings from the Gryphon Rose

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Year has begun

Yes, it’s that time again, when I look back on my year. Too bad I can’t come up with a catchy song about it, like that one comedian whose name I forget (Ah, how fleeting fame!).
It’s been a good year, though. In 2005:
I spent some time hanging out with friends, gaming, reading, watching movies, etc. General relaxation stuff, probably not enough of it. Took only three trips that I remember—one to Vegas in March, one to North Carolina in May, and one to the Midwest in August—all of which were fun. Saw my family, though not often enough. Didn’t do a damn thing Clockworks-wise and am feeling less and less guilty about that each year.
I kept up my blog, and mirrored it on LJ. I’ve really enjoyed both posting in both places (and seeing replies from my friends) and reading what my friends are up to on their respective pages.
I stuck to my job. I was hired in 2004 so 2005 was the first full calendar year I spent there, or anywhere as a full-time salaried employee. I still like it. Sure, there are some irritants, though I’m hoping to smooth out a few of those soon, but in general I like the people, the place, and the work.
I improved upon my house. We bought it in November of 2004 so we were only in it two months that year. This year we did things to repair it, clean it up, organize it, decorate it, etc. There’s still a ways to go—fellow homeowners warn me there always is—but it’s definitely our home now, and it’s become quite cozy.
I spent time with my wife and my daughter. Both are wonderful, and continue to amaze me. I wish I’d spent more time with them last year, but we do what we can.
I published my first novel. Actually held a copy in my hand, saw my name on the cover, said “Yep, that’s me all right.” A nice feeling. Still no author copies, though.
I wrote my second and most of my third novel. The third would have been completed in 2005 except for a paperwork issue on the other end, which will hopefully be resolved soon.
I had a son. That was the end of the year, a mere ten days ago. A good way to wrap things up, I’d say.
Professionally and personally it was a good, rewarding year. I’ll happily take another year like that one.
Hope the rest of you had good years, and have similar ones in 2006 if you wish—or better ones if you weren’t entirely pleased with events in 2005.