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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Serenity, Session One

Sorry this has taken so long, but I’d said I’d put up a recap of our first Serenity game. Here it is:

Serenity: From a Sow’s Ear
DaiXa: captain and doctor
Nelia: gunbunny/security expert
Ronny: pothead engineer
John Wrack: engineer and salvage expert
Tad Williams: pilot (former Alliance, still very military fly-boy)

Session One: Ronny Yi is released after three years of prison on the desert moon Perdition, and steps out the prison doors to find his two friends and partners—the stern DaiXa and the alluring Nelia—waiting for him. They catch up and then take the shuttle from the prison back to Perdition itself.

Meanwhile, John Wrack and Tad Williams have been left on the Lucky 13. Tad takes a stroll and winds up in the spaceport bar while John stays on the ship. A stranger calls, asking if the captain is around, and tells John he’s an old friend who was just stopping to say hello.

The others return, and Ronny meets Tad and John for the first time. John describes the visitor, who sounds suspiciously like Gustavus “Booger” Leale, the local bully responsible for putting Ronny in prison. Nelia informs them all that she has rooms for everyone at the casino, where she’s been working security these past three years to stay close to Ronny. They all go over to the casino for dinner. Afterward Nelia tells the casino owner, Linc, that she’s moving on with the ship. He understands but is sorry to see her go. He mentions that one of the casino regulars had been looking to ship some cargo, and Nelia talks to him—the man is a glassblower (Perdition has nothing but sand and produces a lot of glass) and has a shipment of goblets bound for the magistrate of Hogwash. Hogwash is a small colony on an asteroid that orbits the moon Dizhu, roughly eight days away.

After dinner Ronny and Tad take advantage of the casino rooms to get some sleep. John returns to the ship, however, and Nelia does as well—she goes to install a few new security measures while he’s simply more comfortable there. DaiXa goes back as well.

The next morning they all gather for breakfast at the casino. DaiXa announces that she’ll be seeing patients at the ship for the next few days while they try to find cargo and passengers. They agree to carry the goblets to Hogwash, and find out that one of the men in the bar Tad saw yesterday is looking for passage to Dizhu itself. Nelia goes to meet the man, a sad-eyed bloke named Booth Reilly, and arranges for him to take passage with them. Ronny and John go scrounging for engine parts, and Ronny also looks for pot—he’s jonesing badly. But the only person on Perdition who seems to have any is Booger! Ronny does agree to carry a hand-carved wooden car from one pothead to his cousin on Tusker, however. Tusker is another of Dizhu’s satellites, and the cousin will pay him in pot for his trouble. He does finally find a ship’s mate who offers him a tiny bag of mediocre pot, and Ronny uses the seeds to restart his long-dead garden.

DaiXa has just finished seeing passengers for the day and decides to stretch her legs when she runs into Booger and his two bully-boys not two ships away. She warns the others through their shipcomms, and most of them come running. Nelia, unfortunately, has dallied with a pretty pilot she met in the bar, and does not hear the call. Booger pretends to be civil to DaiXa but turns cold and nasty once he sees Ronny. The thug starts backing away, however, when he realizes he’s outnumbered and outgunned. Nelia shows up just as Booger says something particularly nasty to Ronny. Furious at seeing her friend insulted, she grabs Booger and headbutts him senseless. His two cronies attack, but DaiXa cows the bigger one into picking Booger up and fleeing the scene. The smaller one draws a gun and gets shot by Tad for his trouble, before being clobbered senseless by the butt of John's gun.

DaiXa brings the wounded thug back to the ship and patches him up so he’ll feel indebted to her. Meanwhile Nelia gathers Booth Reilly and warns the glassblower to get his shipment ready. Change of plans—the Lucky 13 is leaving right away. They take off within the hour without any more trouble, and breathe a sigh of relief to be safely away.

The next four days are uneventful. Mr. Reilly proves to be an excellent passenger, quiet and polite and willing to play cards or sit and quietly read a dime novel. Ronny and John go over the ship together, comparing notes—Ronny was the ship engineer but now he’s sharing that role with John, whose approach is more intuitive than studied. The journey to Hogwash is half-over when Tad spots something on the sensors. It’s a ship distress beacon.

They detour to check it out, and find a Naiad-class ship floating adrift. It has no life signs, no activity save the beacon, and a gaping hole in its side. Most of the crew immediately think “Reaver!” but John isn’t so sure.
End of Session One

It was much fun.
Our next game is tomorrow night. I’ll try to get a recap up more quickly this time. :)


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