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Monday, March 27, 2006

Back from I-Con

Well, I’m back. Here’s the rundown:

My panels went well (though I owe a big thank-you to ivy03 for providing actual on-topic questions in that one about –isms, which had been both deadly dull and completely theoretical until then). The Fiction in RPGs panel meandered a little but not too badly and the audience enjoyed it, and I managed to keep Peter David mostly on topic on the Transitions panel (which I was moderating). I also sat in on a Cyberpunk panel, but really that was just “Listen to Mike Pondsmith talk for an hour” and honestly none of us were complaining.

The signing was a little boring at times, and a bit strained, but thanks to friends like ivy03 and feiran and xenogenesis and touchstone_7 showing up the time flew past.

The reading was okay, also thanks to ivy03 and feiran. Nice to have my own groupies, even if only for the weekend. :)

The party Saturday night was fun as always.

It was great catching up with people, both RPG friends like Eric and Steve and Patrick and author friends like Bob and Glenn.

The accommodations at Casa Hauman were excellent as usual, and much appreciated.

The Green Room had very good food, and lots of it. We also had excellent barbeque the first night and I had a surprisingly good steak the second night.

I was one of the people interviewed on Destinies, the StoneyBrook SF radio show, Friday night. I’ve sat in before but never participated, so that was both exciting and nerve-wracking. You can listen to the show here:
I’m the second one interviewed, after the lead from AeroSith.

I found two more action figures for my office panorama.

Then I came home to see my lovely wife and adorable children, all of whom seemed to miss me, and collapsed that night before coming back to work this morning.

Oh, and when I got home I discovered that cover flats and an advance copy of Day of the Daemon had arrived—on Saturday. Two days too late for me to bring them to the show. Sigh.

Some things could have been organized better, admittedly, and the buildings are too spread out for convenient hopping between events, but it was fun and we had a nice time. I’d certainly go again, and hope to be invited next year.


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