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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quick rundown

I know, I know.

I really do try to update at least every other week. It’s just busy right now. I’m finishing the first draft of my WarCraft novel—it’ll be done in the next day or two. I’ve got an outline to revise and expand, a review to clean up, a storyline to develop, and a few chapters of another project to fine-tune.

We went to some friends’ holiday party last night, which was fun—didn’t get to stay as long as we’d have liked (or as long as we had in previous years) because the toddler reached her saturation point (AKA past her bedtime and too much stimulation) but it was nice.

This Friday is my work holiday party. And for the first time jendaby gets to go with me, thanks to the babysitting services of feiran. Much appreciated, chica.

Not much else going on. Kids are good but exhausting, wife is good but tired, I’m good but also tired. We've been watching Day Break and enjoying it—right now it's my second-favorite show, right after Heroes (and edging out Supernatural). We're still watching Studio 60, which is still good but not Sorkin's best, and catching CSI when we can. No recent movies, and we haven't replaced the DVD player yet so we're reduced to the networks, a handful of old VHS tapes, and whatever I can pull down on the computer. After this coming week my schedule should clear up considerably, just in time for Hannukah and Christmas.

I’ll post more, including some new covers, soon.


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