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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The whirlwind continues

. . . or “Now that’s what I call a weekend!”

Last week was fairly quiet—my dad and G came back up Tuesday and had dinner with us before heading back home Wednesday morning. Predictably, the kids were not happy Wednesday—they’d gotten used to having family around, and suddenly it was just jendaby and I. Oh well. I did go on a late-night shopping expedition to stock up and to prepare for Monday.

Thursday I minded the kids so jendaby could go out and see Iron Man and have dinner with friends. She definitely deserved a night out, and I was glad she had a good time.

Friday was the start of Summer Publishing Hours—Oh, how I love thee!—so I got done a little before 1pm and headed home. That night we had part of the usual crew over and played the best worst boardgame ever! We were up until 1am doing that, which was a blast.

Saturday was xochitl42’s wedding! It was awesome! The day was absolutely perfect, the setting—Cedar Hill in Central Park—was gorgeous, the bride and groom both looked great, the ceremony was really nice, and we were all very happy. The reception was also excellent—except for the wedding party families jendaby and I knew almost everyone there, so we had a great time table-hopping and hanging out. We headed back home in the late afternoon and took it easy that night.

Sunday jendaby was out again—popular lady!—so I stayed with the kids and did some cleaning and some picture-hanging. She came home in early evening; I had been planning to head out then but that got cancelled last-minute, so we had dinner and relaxed instead. We watched War, which wasn’t bad—good if brutal action sequences and a decent storyline, though with an obvious twist. I did like the fact that it wasn’t a Hollywood movie, so lacked the standard Hollywood ending.

Monday (yesterday) we had our annual Memorial Day All-Day Cookout and Game. It was great! We had a bunch of people over (eleven of us in all), tons of food ably grilled by the lovely jendaby, an entertaining game GMed by the redoubtable slothshaman, and a whole lot of snarky fun. The kids were a bit of a handful, particularly my son (whose allergies were driving him nuts), but other than a few understandable screaming fits they were mainly just vying for attention, and of course it was much quieter after they went to bed. We didn’t finish the game but we hung out until around 11:30 (we started around 1:30), then cleaned up a bit and went to bed.

And now it’s back to work, but a shortened week and a half-day Friday. I’ve hopefully got a movie-and-dinner outing with friends on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday I’m helping xochitl42 pack and move. And that’s the end of the month—and perhaps the end of the whirlwind as well. For now.


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