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Sunday, May 18, 2008

On with the whirlwind . . .

It’s been a busy two weeks.

Last Friday (the 9th) jendaby and I got together with a few friends as usual. Low-key but nice.

The next day we (all four of us) headed into the city for our soon-to-be niece-in-law’s birthday party. That was fun—we got to see my youngest sister (YS) and her fiancée (YSF) and meet his parents and sister and her family. Everyone was very nice and the kids had a blast—the birthday girl was turning two and the party was at a kids’ gym with padded floors and all sorts of stuff to climb and crawl under. Afterward we and YS and YSF took the kids to Central Park, stopped off at a playground there, then went to the Natural History museum for a bit and finally out to dinner at Brother Jimmy’s. Good day.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so as usual we went to a Mets game. It was fun but too windy and cold so we only stayed for the first half. We stopped off at a crafts store on the way home, then relaxed and watched Dr. Who that night.

Monday I went to a screening of Prince Caspian with a bunch of co-workers. It wasn’t bad—I didn’t particularly care for the first one (good effects, decent acting, weak story and very little use for several characters) and I thought this one was better in pretty much every way—but hardly brilliant. Going in a group was fun, though.

Wednesday I went to TekServe and they managed to fix my laptop! And it only cost $40, which was totally worth it—they warned that the keys might not work as perfectly as before but hey, I can type again, which is really all that matters. That night my dad and his girlfriend (G) flew in, so the kids and I picked them up at the airport and then we swung back to get jendaby so we could all go to our favorite diner for dinner.

Thursday was quiet for me—work as usual, etc. I did get a cool book in the mail, pursuant to a possible project—more on that if it pans out. And worked out details for another project as well.

Friday I had lunch with my dad and one of his friends at Second Ave. Deli. Still awesome, and since my dad had kindly brought me a muffuletta from N.O. and I’d had it (okay, half of it) for dinner Thursday night I got to have my two absolute favorite sandwiches in the world (a muffuletta and a Second Ave. Deli pastrami on rye) in the space of two days. Happy happy stomach! That night we had friends over, YS came back out to our house, and she and I went to pick my middle sister (MS) up at the airport. It was ugly out but we got her successfully, and everyone had a good time. Got to bed around two.

Saturday we got up and the girls and I took the kids out to the bakery to get bagels and pastries for breakfast. After eating we hung out for a while before taking the kids to the playground. My dad and G came out that night with my aunt and we all went to Sripraphai for dinner. Excellent Thai food! The kids were completely wiped out by the time we were done, so my aunt gave me a ride home so I could get the car and come back to pick the rest of them up. We all hung out for a bit at home before my dad and I made a late-night shopping run to get diapers and a few other necessities.

Today we all got up and had a nice relaxed breakfast—the kids actually didn’t wake us up until nine, which shows how tired they were. Jendaby and I headed out a little before noon to go into the city for a three-way birthday party (threedukes, jon, and xochitl42), which makes the fourth birthday party we’ve attended in three weeks. We were the first ones there by a wide margin but once everyone else showed we had a lot of fun, and it was nice to be adults-only for a bit—my sisters and my dad and G took the kids to the Queens Hall of Science and had a great time. We got back after MS had already gone to the airport, unfortunately, but got to see my dad and G and YS and my aunt before they all left—my aunt to go home and G and my dad to drive YS back to D.C. It was strangely quiet at dinner—it’s been several days since it was just four of us. The kids were exhausted and fell asleep quickly.

Right now, Dr. Who beckons. Then a little work—I’ve got an outline and two pitches to write—before bed. This week should be reasonably quiet, though my dad and G are back Tuesday evening and leave for N.O. Wednesday morning. And of course we have Memorial Day weekend coming up, and a wedding to attend! Busy busy busy, but it’s been a good busy.


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