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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I-Con schedule

Before I forget, I have my schedule for I-Con now, in case any of you are attending and want to find me:

Friday, 7pm
Tie-Ins: Putting a Personal Spin on Shared Worlds
DeCandido(M), Osborne, Rosenberg, Greenberger

Saturday, 11am
“Gems” From the Slushpile
Rosenberg, Crawford(M), Gorinsky, Bilmes
Pros share their amusing (and scary) stories of memorable (for the wrong reasons) submissions

Sunday, 11am
Dealer’s Hall

Sunday, 2pm
Lies and Myths About Getting Published
Rosenberg(M), Crawford, Bacigalupi, Gorinsky, Bilmes
A surprising take on “accepted” ideas about publishing

Apparently I may be on a comics panel as well, though why I’m not sure. If that is the case I’ll update this list and post to let people know.


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