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Monday, March 10, 2008

LunaCon this weekend!

I keep forgetting to post about this, but I’m a guest at LunaCon again this coming weekend. Jendaby and I are going up, and yes, we’re bringing the kids. Whee! We should be getting in some time Saturday morning and we’re staying the night there, which should make life easier—last year I drove up and drove back Saturday, which was a little tiring.
For those attending, or just curious, here is my schedule:

Saturday, March 15th
11 am-2 pm, Mianus River
David Honigsberg Life Jam
I am not listed as a participant and I have a panel right in the middle, but I will be there for the first hour and hopefully the last one.

noon-1 pm, Bartell Room
The World at Your Fingertips
Building your own world is a challenge for even the most experienced GM. Where do you start? What essential information do you need before you can start a game and how much can you invent off the cuff? What tools are available to assist you? Have internet wikis, name generators, and mapping software made it easier to create, or just easier to get bogged down in details?
Participants: Shaughn Bryant, Adam Nakama, Daniel Robichaud[M], Aaron Rosenberg

2-3 pm, Odelle Room
Playing in Someone Else's Sandbox
Learn about the differences in writing work-for-hire books (such as Star Trek or Star Wars) vs. writing creator-owned original novels. How do they differ creatively and financially? What are the pros and cons of each kind of project for a writer's career?
Participants: Ginjer Buchanan, Keith DeCandido, David Mack[M], Aaron Rosenberg, Susan Shwartz

6-7 pm, Poplar Room
Game Designers' Roundtable
Game designers of various RPGs talk about particular challenges of design and worldbuilding. What is the relative importance of setting versus game mechanics? How do you avoid coming across as derivative?
Participants: Leigh Grossman, Georgia Horesh, Aaron Rosenberg

I’m sure we’ll be attending the Masquerade—I know jendaby will, at least—and we’ll be around the rest of that day and night and at least part of the following morning as well.


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