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Monday, October 08, 2007

Just catching up a bit

Thursday afternoon and all day Friday I had InDesign CS3 training for work. Boring instructor, varied student-comprehension, but some good material. I’m looking forward to using the program for real instead of just tinkering with it—it has some nice features that will make our work much easier.

Friday night the game group came over. Jendaby had decorated the house and made a cake because Saturday was my daughter’s fourth birthday! So we ordered food (she was allowed to pick whatever she wanted and went for fish & chips—gee, can you tell she’s our daughter?), sang her Happy Birthday, and had cake. She got to stay up a little later than usual, and then after she and her brother went to sleep we played, which was fun.

Saturday morning my little girl officially turned four. Wow. Time flies—I still remember her falling asleep on my shoulder as a newborn and now she’s in preschool! Amazing. Anyway, we had breakfast and then she opened her presents, and there was much grinning and squealing. I think her two favorites were the jump rope jendaby and I got her (one of several presents from us, of course) and the Little People Animal Circus her aunt got her, though she was also excited about some books and insisted they be read to her right away. We desperately needed to go shopping so after lunch we went to the store (Halloween decorations! Pumpkins!) and also to Home Depot, which the kids enjoyed. Then we ordered pizza—one of Birthday Girl’s favorite foods—and had more cake and finally got her and her brother to bed. I conked out for a while, finally woke up enough to wash up, woke up completely, and decided to sit down and write out a pitch that had been bouncing around in my head. I got it finished, which made me feel like I’d accomplished something myself that day but meant I didn’t actually get to bed until around 3.

Sunday was recuperation and more work. Jendaby had plans for the front yard so I hung out with the kids for a bit. I managed to get some work done on a project while they were watching a DVD, and then did more work while our daughter went outside to help jendaby garden and our son went into his crib for a nap. Afterward our daughter got a much-needed bath (she had had a great time outside and it showed!), then we had something to eat and all took a nice walk. Came back, got dessert, got the kids in bed (she was difficult, he wasn’t), went downstairs and finally watched the first two CSIs of the season with jendaby, then she went up to do some work and I tinkered with the family room window a bit more (spackle tonight or tomorrow!), checked email and LJ, and then traipsed on upstairs for bed.

What else? Got a disappointing email from a publisher early this morning—a mix-up regarding a project, nobody’s fault, really. They want me work with them more, however, so that’s cool. My dad gets in tomorrow and will be with us for most of a week. I’m working on details for my birthday bash this Friday. I’ve got a few irons in the fire that I need to stoke. That’s about it for now.


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