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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When you put it that way, it looks like I've been busy!

Right, it’s been a bit since the last update. Here’s what’s been happening:

* jendaby and I went out for dinner and a movie for the first time since last October (we’ve been out to dinner since then but not with a movie). We saw Jumper, which was fun—not a brilliant film but entertaining and I liked the effects. Shame about the romantic lead’s apparent heroin habit, though—and about Hayden Christenson’s lack of acting ability. Oh well.

* Saw Cloverfield. I enjoyed it—not overwhelmingly so, but I thought it was fun, and a clever way to approach that particular genre.

* Talking to a few people about a few things, still. Some irons go cold, others get added to the fire, still others get reworked and put back in again. And around we go . . .

* Moved our son into our daughter’s room this weekend. Yes, she’s still in there as well. She’s been complaining about nightmares lately and wanted company, he’s been fussing at night and loves being in her room, we wanted to actually get some sleep—it’s a win all around. So far it’s working fairly well. And it’s actually the first time we’ve had a kid-free room in four years, since by the time our daughter moved into her own room jendaby was heavily pregnant with our son. It’s weird getting used to the quiet in there.

* My guest info went up on the ShoreLeave page, so now that’s official, too.

* Turned in an RPG project for Talisman Studios. Much fun, and just the first of many. Oh yes, and they put up a press release about my joining them—you can read it here.

* Found out that Thrilling Tales Quarterly #1 is now out. It includes my first Gunshade story, “Rapid Fire.” You can find out more about the magazine—and order it— here.

This weekend jendaby is taking a trip for fun, leaving me to take care of the whirling dervishes. I’m happy she gets to go but dreading minding both kids on my own for two-and-a-half days. Oh well. I’ll manage.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. If I forget anything important I’ll either edit the post or put up an addendum. You should now wait with bated breath. :)


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