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Friday, October 19, 2007

A little tired, perhaps

It’s been a busy week.

My dad got in last Tuesday and just left last night—as always it was really good to see him but since he likes to decide everything last minute it’s been hectic. We had a good time, though, and of course the kids were thrilled to see and spend time with Grandpa.

Had my birthday bash on Friday (yes, I am now OLD)—and for those reading this locally who I forgot to invite, I apologize. Mea culpa. Too many plans zinging around at once—I was bound to miss someone. About fifteen of us went out to dinner (Righteous Urban Barbeque, on 23rd between Eighth and Ninth—friendly and fun and reasonably good though not phenomenal food). After that half of us traipsed over to a nearby pool hall (Broadway Billiards Café, on 21st between Fifth and Broadway—a little rundown but in a comfortable way, with plenty of tables and decent lighting, definitely the right choice) to play for several hours. It was great, and I was really glad so many people could come out for it—I was only sad that both jendaby and deltagrl wound up missing it.

Saturday morning I took jendaby to the doctor while my dad watched the kids. We were back before too long (I won’t go into details, but suffice to say there are some medical issues that, while not great, could be far worse and will hopefully resolve themselves soon) and my dad hung out for a little before driving down to Providence to attend the wedding of a family friend (the daughter of an old friend of his—the families hung out together back when I lived in Providence, a long long time ago). I opened presents and had a nice relaxed rest of the day and a very nice evening.

Sunday was quiet, or at least I don’t remember anything in particular from it. No wait, I take that back—had a nice morning, then went shopping at Target, where I bought a bunch of blanket sleepers for the kids, new shoes and a shirt for me, and some Halloween decorations. Whee!

Monday night feiran kindly came over to mind the children. I feel so much less guilty asking someone to watch the kids now that they both go to sleep (not just to bed but actually asleep) by nine!

Tuesday jendaby went off to the city to have dinner with deltagrl, xochitl42, and a visiting LJ friend while Dad and I took the kids out to our favorite diner for dinner. Highlights of that were my daughter spilling chocolate pudding *everywhere!* but not getting upset until she realized she’d ruined the paper doily that they put under the dish and my son flirting with (and completely captivating) a young couple at the next table.

Wednesday over lunch I got to meet jendaby’s friend, who was very nice indeed. Nice quiet evening at home.

Last night after dinner I drove Dad to JFK for his flight home. Funny thing about that: his flight was originally scheduled for 9:45, got delayed to 10:59, got moved back *forward* to 10:00, then got moved back to 9:50. I’m glad we kept checking! Got back home, we watched Supernatural, and then we conked out.

Tonight the game group is over, which is always good. Saturday night I go to pick serpentstar and his family up at the airport. Saturday is also jendaby and I’s fifth wedding anniversary, but we’re actually going out to celebrate on Monday instead.

What else? Turned in a pitch for something yesterday, so we’ll see how that goes. Hoping to finish up several other projects over the next two weeks because I’m thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this year (I know I’ve said this before, but this year I might actually be able to participate!). Waiting to hear back on a few other things. Working. The usual.


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