Ramblings from the Gryphon Rose

Thursday, February 22, 2007

ComicCon reminder

Just a reminder to those who're around: I'll be signing Queen of Blades at New York Comic Con this Sunday from noon to 1pm. They pushed it back an hour, so if you show up at 11am and I'm not there you'll know why. :)

I'll be wandering the floor the rest of the day, so if you're about give me a holler. I'll have my cell phone with me--email me if you need the number.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well, that sucked

My Blizzplanet Q&A was tonight, at 9pm. I showed up a few minutes early, just to make sure I had IRC set up correctly. There were over 300 people in attendance.

Too bad one of them was apparently a flaming *sshole.

The Q&A started and I answered a question or two—and then my connection went down. Not just to the chat but to IRC, the Internet, cable, and phone. They’re all through the same router.

It took something like fifteen minutes before I could reconnect to the Q&A. Answered another question—and was kicked offline again.

And this kept happening. The moderator told me that someone had apparently decided to target my IP specifically—every time I set foot in the main channel he sent packets of information to my IP, bombarding it until it was forced to disconnect.

End result? After an hour or more I only managed to answer maybe five questions.

The moderator apologized—he hadn’t expected anyone to try sabotaging the Q&A, and certainly not that thoroughly. He’s collecting the questions, his and everyone else’s, and emailing them to me, so I will still get to respond to everyone. Just not live and in real-time.

I’m pissed. Not at the moderator—it’s not his fault. But at whomever thought it’d be funny to sabotage my Q&A. I figure either it’s some pathetic little loser who gets off on destroying things for other people, or it’s some pathetic little loser who wishes he were a writer but can barely string two words together and so has it in for anyone who actually possesses talent and gets published. Either way, it’s pathetic.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Care for a chat?

I'm going to be doing a public Q&A this Sunday over at Blizzplanet, talking about the Warcraft novel. It starts at 9pm EST. Feel free to drop by!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cover me!

Yep, you guessed it—I've got a cover image for my WarCraft novel. Whee!

Tides of Darkness cover

I like it.

Convention appearances

Well, it's cutting things a little close but I've just confirmed that I'm going to be an author guest at the New York Comic Con, which is at the Javits here in Manhattan on February 23-25. I will be signing at the Pocket Books booth on Sunday, February 25, from noon to 1pm.

If you're going to the con, stop by and say hi! I'll be signing Queen of Blades and anything else I wrote that people bring. Plus I'll have a nice stand-up next to me, showing off the cover of—well, see my next post. :)

I'm also going to be a guest at LunaCon, which is March 16-18. No signings or readings, alas, but I'm on several panels. A lot of my friends go to this one every year and it'll be the first time I've made it up there, so I'm looking forward to it. It's only about forty minutes away by car, so I think I'll just commute rather than getting a hotel room.

In other news, Night of the Daemon and Lure of the Lich Lord are now available for sale. Yay!