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Monday, July 07, 2008

Do they make baby gates out of salt?

Because that might be the only barrier the demonspawn masquerading as my children would actually respect.

Last night after we put them in bed I went into the office to do some work (reading back over a project I finished Friday and was sending in this morning). A few minutes later I heard all sorts of loud thumping—and giggling. Going into their room, I discovered that our daughter had pushed her child-sized wooden chair up against our son’s crib and set a toy bin lid across its arms to fashion steps for him so he could get out. Very sweet, yes, but not exactly safe and certainly not conducive to sleep. I took the chair away and put him back in.

Five minutes later, he was out again. I don’t know how. She claimed he managed it on his own “with his legs.” I have no idea what that means.

After two or three more returns to his crib, I stepped into their room and caught him mid-act—hanging on the side of his crib by his fingers and toes. It was like one of those action movie scenes where the guy has to duck out of an office window and is clinging to the ledge. Swell. Obviously our son can escape his crib at will now. So I got my tools and the necessary parts and converted his crib to a youth bed—took the front rail off and replaced it with two short guards on the sides to keep him from rolling out of bed in his sleep. Now at least he won’t break his neck escaping his bed.

Unfortunately, this also meant he and his sister now have unfettered access to both beds and to the entire room. They spent the next THREE HOURS racing around. Literally. They didn’t fall asleep until some time between eleven and midnight.

And this morning, shortly after six, they were both in our room. And the bathroom. And the office.


I don’t know how we’ll ever keep them contained again.

In other news, I had a really good weekend. Got off work early Thursday, which is always nice. Friday we went to a friend’s party out in NJ, all four of us, and had a great time—excellent company, good food, volleyball, wine, some other kids for our daughter to play with (and jendaby and I trade off chasing after our son the Destroyer of Worlds). Much fun. We had to leave earlier than we might have liked in order to get the kids home—we put them in PJs before we left and carried them up to bed sound asleep—but we still managed to stay and socialize for a while.

Saturday slothshaman and I went to another friend’s party—really three friends’ party, because one was hosting but another was grillmaster and a third was chief bottlewasher. This one was out in Long Beach and we had a blast—AMAZING food, excellent company, nice walk on the beach. Very cool. I got back around 1:30 but jendaby and I still stayed up to watch the Dr. Who season finale. I enjoyed some of it but large parts were just fanfic and I HATED much of the end.

Yesterday was just chilling at home, except for a short run to the grocery store.

And now it’s back to a regular work week. And hoping there’s still a house—and a wife!—left when I get back home this evening.


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