Ramblings from the Gryphon Rose

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In the interim

Two weeks can pass quickly, when you’re not paying attention.

So what have I done since my last post?

On Friday the 30th all four of us went to dochyel’s service and funeral, which was as nice as such a sad event could be—many people loved and admired and respected him and that definitely showed. The kids were very well-behaved throughout, the car less so—something bounced up under the car and destroyed the power steering, which made getting back from Brooklyn an adventure (even beyond Brooklyn’s unwillingness to release people, which resulted in our driving around in circles—literally—for an hour).

That evening qadgop and Mook came over to hang out and keep us company, which was nice. Saturday our cousins stopped by, as did my aunt and uncle.

The following Monday I went and sat shiva with dochyel’s widow, who is holding up fairly well, all things considered.

This past Friday I turned in the revisions on my WarCraft novel. Then I had lunch with an old friend I haven’t seen in ages, which was good.

That night we got together with xochitl42 and qadgop and Mook Friday—didn’t get around to gaming but had a nice time hanging out and catching up.

Saturday jendaby and the kids and I went out to NJ to spend time with her grandmother and then spent Sunday afternoon with her cousins (and their extended family). We had a nice time—the day with her grandmother was quiet, the one with her cousins more active and sociable, but both were fun.

We’ve been watching the new season of Dr. Who, which is excellent. We’re keeping up with Lost, more from inertia than anything, watching CSI and Supernatural, and eagerly awaiting the return of Heroes.

I still need to do our taxes, plus I’ve got revision notes for my third Warhammer novel and for another novel I’m doing. I’ve got an RPG layout project to take care of, and an essay to polish up. Then I’ve got to outline the next novel and start writing it. And, as always, I’m tracking down leads and following up discussions to finalize the rest of my 2007 work schedule.

It hasn’t been a bad two weeks. Busy, draining, and distracting, but not bad.