Ramblings from the Gryphon Rose

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blink blink

This is so weird.

I got new glasses yesterday. Well, I got new lenses, anyway—I had them put in one of my spare frames, so yes, I still look like me. But new lenses. And they’re messing with me.

Jendaby had been after me for a while to get my eyes checked and my prescription updated—ever since she found out that I hadn’t gotten them checked since a few months before I went to Scotland.

In early 1991.

Yes, it’s been almost eighteen years since my last eye exam.

I know, I know. Things just kept getting in the way. For a while—from the time we moved to NY to when I started full-time at this job, in fact—I didn’t have insurance. And before that I just didn’t have time.

But a few weeks ago we had to go to the eye doctor anyway, to get our daughter’s eyes checked—yes, she needed glasses before starting kindergarten—and to get jendaby’s prescription updated so she could order new contacts. So I finally got mine checked as well.

The eye doctor was not amused when she heard how long it had been. Shocked would be closer.

And yet—my eyes had barely changed at all. My left prescription when up a quarter step. My right actually went down a notch, because they had apparently overpowered it slightly to compensate for my astigmatism there. So now we dropped it back down to where it should be but upped the astigmatism correction.

So ha ha. Jendaby was rather nonplussed to learn that her eyes had changed as much or more in one year as mine had in eighteen. And other than those minor corrections my eyes are in great shape.

But now I have new lenses. In a pair of frames I haven’t worn in at least six years. So the fit is just a little different on the nose and behind the ears. And the lenses! The eye doctor warned that the right would seem a little distorted at first, and it does. I keep feeling like I’m using a camera and tightening the focus—every time I switch eyes or depths of field it takes a fraction of a second for my eye to adjust. It’s very odd, and more than a little disorienting. It should pass in a few days, though.

Meanwhile, my daughter has her new glasses! At first she refused to even put them on, but once she did we could tell they made a difference (though she refused to admit it until we left the eye doctor’s). Buying her a snazzy SpongeBob case and cleaning kit helped as well. And she has a week to get used to them before school starts. Aahhhh!