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Monday, March 21, 2005

Seeing a Little Red

I got my redlines on my novel just before I left for Vegas. I admit that I’d been dreading them.
Not because I object to revisions. Actually, I always worry when something goes through without alteration, because I know that my writing, like anyone else’s, can always be better. And a good editor will really make it shine.
But this was my first novel. And there was always the chance, despite outlines and samples and all that, that my editor would get back to me and say “sorry, but I really don’t think this is going to work out.” Okay, a slim chance, but it was still possible.
Not anymore. He liked the first draft. Sure, there are a few things to punch up, but those are more about keeping it in line with the established setting and the game’s rules than about my style. He told me that he enjoyed the read and thought it was nicely crafted, and didn’t foresee any problems with the revisions.
Which, to my mind, means this is now a reality. And proves to me that I really can write novels.
Little wonder, then, that I went to Vegas in such a good mood. And my editor was at the show, which meant that we got to chat in person—and he told me the same thing as he had in email, that he’d enjoyed it and thought I’d done a good job.
Yay, me!


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