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Monday, January 24, 2005


Friday, my friend Jeremy came up to visit, which was very cool—he’s never been up here before, and it was great to see him and great to show him around New York a little. We didn’t have anywhere near as much time as I’d have liked, but he felt the same way and assures me that he’ll be back. He’d better.
He showed up Friday, and he and I and Lois went out to lunch. Then they came back and I gave them an office tour and introduced them to a few people. My dad showed up during that as well. The three of them went over to MOMA while I did some work. Then they came back and we went home. My dad headed out, and the rest of us rolled up characters for Wassail the next day.
I should explain Wassail (which we often say like those obnoxious "Whassup?!" commercials from a few years back). It’s a heated alcoholic drink, basically, made with rum and apple cider and cloved oranges and other spices. Five years ago we were playing Amber and decided that it would be fun to have a day-long banquet/gaming session. So we made Wassail and turkey and lots of other food, and had a great time. It’s been a tradition ever since. And this year we timed it to coincide with Jeremy’s visit, so that he’d get to hang out with some of our other friends as well.
But this year we’re in between games. So we needed something to play. I bullied Lois shamelessly until she agreed to run D&D, but then we all agreed that it had to be cheese-monkey-style, with high-level characters. And then we got the bright idea of making it anime-style. So my wife and Jeremy and Lois and I had dinner Friday night and built characters for everyone.
Saturday the gang started showing up around 2. The turkey was ready at 3. Of course, it had started snowing at around 11. A few of our friends chickened out (and I don’t blame them, especially the one friend who would have been driving from NJ), but we still had seven of us, which was cool. We ate a LOT (turkey, stuffing, salad, cannolis, and pies), drank a lot of Wassail, and played a very, very silly game (complete with requisite silly Anime-dubbed voices). And admired all the snow.
Peter had to leave at 7 to go to another event. The rest decided at around 11 that leaving wasn’t a good idea anymore, given the foot or more of snow outside. So we put everyone else up for the night.
It was really really nice, finally having a place where we could seat seven around the dinner table comfortably, and where we could put five of our friends up for the night.
We played until about 1am, then sorted out sleeping arrangements. Everyone got up at around 9 or so, and we hung out a bit more and ate a bit more. People started wandering out at around noon, including Jeremy, who spent the day in Manhattan with Lois. My wife and I stayed home with our daughter, did dishes, straightened up, and took a much-needed nap.
We had a great time. I’d definitely call this one of our better Wassails. And it was a great way to further break in the house and the furniture. Now, after New Year’s and Wassail, it really feels like our home.


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