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Thursday, December 16, 2004


Sorry for not posting much this week. I have a cold.
I hate getting colds—not that anyone likes them, of course (“Oooh, look at me, I finally got that cold I was hoping for!”). I always feel rundown when I’m sick, and I get cranky, and my eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen—which is of course what I do all day long.
Plus the weather has finally turned cold. I say “finally” not as someone waiting excitedly for this to happen (“My new X-Box is finally here!”) but as something that we knew would have to occur eventually (“That old jalopy of his finally broke down”). It is, after all, the middle of December, so it’s only fair to expect the daytime temperature to drop below freezing. The house is heated just fine, and so is work—it’s just those annoying bits in between, like the walk to and from the subway. It’s entirely possible that the change in temperature caused my cold, or at least encouraged it, which doesn’t make me enjoy the falling temperatures any more.
Things are pretty good otherwise, though. I’ve got two projects to get done before the end of the month/year, and a few more lined up for next year, though after February my schedule looks comfortably clean right now. The house is good, and we’re getting things more organized and arranged all the time. My sister is coming to visit next week, which will be cool, and we’re going out to my wife’s grandparents for Christmas Day, which will also be nice. My friend Sam and his wife are going to stop by for dinner one night, which is great, since we haven’t seen them in a while. Then we have our big New Year’s Party/Housewarming party, which will be fun.
Oh yes, and I have the office holiday party tomorrow, which looks to be entertaining. Apparently it’s quite a shindig—I’ve heard about it for the years I’ve been here freelancing, but now as a full-time employee I actually get to go. I doubt I’ll stay long, esp. if the cold is still kicking my butt, but I do want to check it out.


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