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Friday, December 03, 2004

Turkey and Beignets

Okay, I’m back. Did you miss me?
The reason I haven’t posted for so long is because Jen, Adara, and I went down to New Orleans for Thanksgiving. And, because I had a lot of vacation days laying about and because we had foolishly thought that by mid-November we’d be in the house and all set up, I took the entire week off, and we arranged our trip to run from Saturday to Saturday. Yeah, I know. So we got down to New Orleans on the 20th, and my dad picked us up. My younger sisters didn’t get in until Wednesday morning, and my older sister had a plane mix-up and didn’t get in until Thursday, so Jen and Adara and I had several days with just my dad, which was nice. Very low-key—we took lots of walks along the river (Adara loved that), wandered the French Market, checked out lots of little stores (my dad lives on the non-touristy end of the Quarter, where the shops are smaller and less pricey), and just spent time sleeping in and lounging about the apartment. We went shopping on Monday, and once my sisters had arrived we started cooking. We wanted to make all of the things we always have for Thanksgiving—all the dishes my mom always made—and it’s quite a list! But we did pretty well, and the dinner was very good. And of course we had leftovers. My older sister left Friday, but the my middle sister left when we did and my younger sister stayed until Monday, so we got to spend Saturday hanging out with them some more. Adara loved seeing her grandfather and her aunts, and spent several hours (not all in a row) playing with my sisters and being held by them, which was a nice break for Jen and I. She also liked the dog, who is very big but very mellow and kept licking her toes when she was sitting down, and the cat, who is less mellow but took to her fairly well. I liked seeing my family again, and getting to spend a week not dealing with the house. And yes, we got beignets several times. No snowcones this time of year, so we had to settle for bubble tea. And more beignets. And some pralines. And then, to top things off, a few more beignets.


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