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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Truly a toddler now

Adara’s been determined to walk for months now. She had the stepping part down, but just couldn’t find the balance to walk on her own. My aunt got her a little Fisher-Price walker, which Adara absolutely loves, and she goes zooming around the apartment with it. The first few days, she got upset whenever she ran into something, because she had to wait for one of us to turn the walker around for her. But then she figured out how to haul it around on her own, and there was no stopping her.
This weekend, Adara finally found her balance. She’s still a little wobbly, but she can now walk on her own. Yesterday she apparently walked all the way around the living room, and at another point she followed Jen into the kitchen under her own power and on her own two feet.
I was really busy this weekend, with the wardrobe and then finishing up a book, which meant I didn’t have a lot of time to sit and hang out. So I missed Adara’s walking around Sunday night—Jen called me, but Adara got so excited when she heard me coming out of the office that she dropped onto her butt and just sat there squealing at me. But last night, after giving her dinner, Jen carried Adara into the living room and set her down in the center of the floor. Jen and I both sat down on the futon, facing her. And then we told her to come see us. And she did.
Thus far in my life, there have been few things as exciting as seeing my little girl, a huge grin on her face, walking across the room to me.
After that, she chased the cat all around the living room. She wobbled a bit, fell on her butt a few times, but got back up each time. And she’s fast, too! I don’t think Bleys is all that happy about this—it means he’s got to work harder to avoid her pulling his tail or grabbing his fur (though he is still very patient with her). But Jen and I are thrilled, and Adara is overjoyed.
Now we just have to get those platforms in place, so that we can raise everything in the apartment above the four-foot mark.


  • At 10/20/2004 11:38 AM, Blogger lirath said…

    She's certainly been heading that way so it was just a matter of time. What fun! Now the really good stuff begins.

    When you go somewhere, she'll want to walk, not be strolled or held - unless you want her to walk, in which case she'll want to be strolled or held.

    When she walks through, I dunno...maybe a store, she'll never walk where you want her to walk. Running away so you have to chase her down is a good part of the fun!

    Still, having done it twice, I know that watching your child take the first few steps is amazing. Before you know it she'll be asking for money, so enjoy this while you can! :)


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