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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Welcome to the blog, I guess

Hello to one and all!
Many of my friends have set up blogs or live journals over the last few years. I read them when I can, and every so often I think "I should get me one of those." Then I think "yeah, but when would I ever have the time to sit and write on it?" Today I figured, "what the hell, I might as well give it a shot."
So here we are.
I'll do my best to update this thing regularly--I'm aiming for once a week, though sometimes it may be more frequent. If I hit the point where I'm not updating at least once a month, I'll shut it down.
In the meantime, welcome. I'm hoping this'll give me a way to stay in touch with my friends and family more easily, as well as a chance to blather about anything that interests me, anything that's troubling me, and generally what's going on in my neck of the woods.


  • At 10/08/2004 2:58 PM, Blogger David Bjorlin said…

    Speaking of keeping in touch, did you go to Columbia by any chance? I wouldn't be particularly surprised if there were more than one Aaron Rosenberg in NY involved with someone named Jen, but it's worth asking.

  • At 10/12/2004 7:14 AM, Blogger Gryphon Rose said…

    Sorry, no, I didn't go to Columbia.
    I am curious how you knew my name, though. I was careful not to post it to the site, for privacy reasons.


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