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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Monster Unleashed

This weekend was Halloween, of course. We didn’t go trick-or-treating—Adara’s a little too young, but we’ll probably go next year—but we did go to a friend’s Halloween party on Saturday, and we did dress up. Adara wore a pair of purple fuzzy paints, with clawed feet at the bottom, and a matching jacket with a spiked tail on the back, and a dragon head for the hood. Underneath that she had a black onesie on which Jen had written “godzilla, Godzilla, GODZILLA!!!” in front, and “FEAR ME! Godzilla” on the back. Jen and I had black shirts on as well—hers said “Tokyo” in front and “I [heart] Godzilla” in back and mine said “Hong Kong” in front and “Godzilla’s playground” on back. Yes, we were the support crew. But it was fun, and everyone got a kick out of it. Of course, most people didn’t know that we’d chosen Adara’s outfit because Godzilla used to be one of her favorite games—we’d stand her up and have her walk across us, saying things like “Oh no, it’s Godzilla!” the whole time, and she’d grin at us and drool and then head butt us so that we’d fall over. Lots of fun. Next year, of course, we’ll actually let her have a say in her costume. I might go as Hong Kong again, though—it’s not often I get to play an entire city.


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