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Monday, February 14, 2005


Sorry for not posting these past two weeks, but I had a very good reason. To wit:
I turned in the first draft today. It’s 85,000 words—not the longest thing I’ve written, if you’re wondering, but certainly the longest fiction. And my first full-length print novel. To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement.
This is something I’ve been working toward for the past twenty years, really. And, although I know people who have achieved it more quickly and more easily, many of them did so by being handed things they did not deserve, like book contracts when they had neither the experience nor the skill to make good on them.
I’d like to think—no, I’ll be brutally honest. I know that I earned this. I worked my *ss off for this. I’ve endured countless people over the years telling me that there was only one way to get a novel published—and it was a way I could not afford to take—and countless others saying that none of my prior work was enough for anyone to hire me to write a novel.
Well, to all of them out there—nyah!
Here I am, still standing, and I’ve just turned in my first novel. And I am beholden to no one for it. No one gave me a damn thing, which is the story of my career. And if it’s taken me longer than others as a result, at least I know that I did it myself, on nothing but talent and stubbornness. And maybe a little chutzpah.
That probably sounds a little arrogant, hm? Well, I’m a bit flush with victory right now, so perhaps it is. But it’s true nonetheless. I’m in a really good mood. I’ve just achieved one of the largest milestones I set in my life. And I reserve the right to celebrate that a bit.
Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go back to my usual quiet, unassuming self.
We’ll see.


  • At 2/14/2005 1:40 PM, Blogger Matt Forbeck said…

    Go, Aaron, go!

    Congratulations, man. Count me as one of those excited to have the chance to read it. When's it due out?

  • At 2/17/2005 10:09 AM, Blogger T13 said…


    Great news! May your publishing days be long and the number of books sold continue in their increase!


  • At 3/06/2005 12:43 PM, Blogger Qadgop said…

    This is incredibly cool. Nice, nice going! Can you say anything yet about what it is?


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