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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Forward Slight

So Monday my friend Glenn calls me at work. Some guy from a Jewish newspaper called the Forward called him and wants to talk to us about Creative Couplings, our two-book SCE story, because it features the first Klingon-Jewish wedding. Glenn asks if he can give the guy my contact info as well and I say “sure.” Sounds amusing.
Yesterday at lunch I discover that this guy has not only talked to Glenn, he’s also interviewed our editor and our rabbi (who consulted on the wedding details). But he hasn’t bothered to contact me. You know, the guy who wrote the other half of the books.
Today the article is online, at http://www.forward.com/main/article.php?ref=gross200503091018
Clearly this guy Max Gross is a moron.
Not only does he not bother to talk to me—which is like interviewing Penn and Teller about their Vegas show and speaking to Penn, their stage manager, and an old buddy who they bounce ideas off of but never even trying to talk to Teller (who does speak, and very nicely, off-stage)—but he screws up details.
According to him, Esther Silvers (the bride) is the main character of the SCE series. *BAP!* Wrong answer, Gross. She’s a minor recurring character, not on the team, and has only been in a handful of books. Then he states that her grandfather, David Gold, is in charge of the SCE fleet. *BAP!* Two for two there—Gold is the captain of the DaVinci. Scotty is the admiral in charge of the SCE as a whole, though I don’t think anyone would ever claim they had a whole fleet.
I considered sending a nasty letter to the Forward’s editor, suggesting that they find reporters who actually take the time to research their topics and speak to the people they’re supposedly interviewing. But why bother? He does get our names right, at least, and Glenn was good enough to say “us” several times, so between that and Gross’s specious comments about “the writers” and “he and his co-author” (specious because they make it sound as if he spoke to both of us—which would then suggest that I simply didn’t say anything worth repeating in print) I haven’t been completely exempted from taking credit for my work. Isn’t that nice.


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